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Torii Hunter on Tigers-White Sox benches clearing

Here's what happened:

Here's how Torii Hunter reacted – if Rasheed Wallace's "both teams played hard" post-game interview was translated into noises, it'd probably sound like Hunter's: 

The White Sox announcers were right — the umpires can use their discretion — but shit, the ball went a body length behind Ramirez. Also, Ramirez incited the bench-clearing show by walking toward Luke Putkonen, pointing at him and saying really mean things about his mother, probably. Jim Leyland's not necessarily wrong, either, though; it's probably a good rule of thumb to warn both benches before you start tossing people, and if there was ever a questionable up-and-in 95 MPH fastball, it's the one that comes a pitch after a home run. 

That said, I don't buy that Chris Sale was intentionally throwing at Fielder. He missed the big-bodied Fielder by half a foot, reacted like he was genuinely annoyed one got away (after the pitch and after the game) and he appeared to be simply overthrowing — his fastball went from 90-92 to 95 and his front arm flailed open.

In the end, nobody was hit. IT'S JUST BASEBALL. 

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