Tigers Catcher, Gerald Laird, Arrested in Phoenix

Probably what his mug shot looked like…

It has been a downward spiral for the Tigers ever since September.  First they lost a seven game lead in the AL Central, Miguel Cabrera was arrested half a day before one of the biggest games of the season (while still insanely drunk), they went on to lose the playoff play-in game, traded the face of their franchise, and now their rarely hitting catcher has been arrested in Phoenix for… possibly hitting a security guard:

Two professional baseball players and another man were arrested on suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct after Wednedsay’s Phoenix Suns game at U.S. Airways Arena following a brawl at an arena lounge, according to Phoenix police.

Detroit Tigers catcher Gerald Laird, 30, was cited for assault. His brother Brandon Laird, 22, was cited for disorderly conduct, police said. The younger brother is a top prospect in the New York Yankees minor league system….

….“While (security guards) were trying to arrest the suspect for disorderly conduct, the (Laird brothers) interfered and assaulted the security guards,” Hill said.

Gerald is a real straight shooter, so this doesn’t surprise me entirely.  If he doesn’t like something, he’ll let you know.  During the season, he was seen on ESPN engaging in a very animated argument with Justin Verlander after JV had a rough inning.  Teammates had to hold the two players back.

The Freep doesn’t mention if alcohol played any role, but that would not surprise me, either.  I met Laird at a bar over the summer, as he was ripping shots with his buddies, talking smack to random people.  He started the 1 PM game the next day.

Laird hit .225 for the Tigers in 2009.

Let’s hope for a better 2010 for the Tigers and their organization, on and off the field.


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