Tiger Stadium Dies, But The Memories Live On


The last of the legendary Tiger Stadium was demolished today at 9:24 AM.

Here is a goosebumps inducing video clip, courtesy of the Free Press, of the last part of the historical structure being brought down by a wrecking crewman wearing a Detroit Tigers helmet (not a batting helmet):

I remember going to games at Tigers Stadium with my dad and brothers, and sitting in the $2 bleacher seats.  That’s where all the drunks (and us) would sit.  Those seats had the best view in the stadium and with it came hilarious experiences of shirtless, drunk, old men, slurring their words at the players and fellow drunkards.  It’s great family bonding times to be able to enjoy a baseball game for cheaper than you can get a soda in a drink machine today, and make fun of the stupid drunks at the same time. Also, often times, there’d be a beach ball making it’s way around the bleachers before it’d fall to the field.  I remember how exhilarating it was when the ball would come to us and we’d fight over who got to smash it back in the other direction.

We saw some good baseball games there, too.  Although the Tigers weren’t the greatest during the time I saw them play there, seeing Cecil Fielder, Alan Trammel, Lou Whitaker, Kirk Gibson, Mickey Tettleton, Luis Gonzalez, amongst many others was always a treat.  The most memorable game my family and I attended was the Tigers and White Sox game in 1995 when both teams broke the combined HR record by parking 12.  Chad Curtis, Cecil Fielder, and Kirk Gibson each had two home runs, and Sweet Lou had one, too.  Chicago won the game 14-12 (thanks to Buddy Groom’s poor relief outing), but it was one of the most exciting games I remember attending at Tiger Stadium.

So, obviously, it’s sad to see the stadium at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull go, but the memories will definitely last a lyfetime.

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