The Tigers’ Bullpen Is Not to Be Trusted; Also, Brandon Inge Trolls Hard

Currently, the Tigers lead the Oakland A’s 10-6 in the bottom of the 8th inning. About half an hour ago, the A’s were down 10-2 with two outs in the same inning. Two infield singles and a walk later, Brandon Inge stepped to the plate. Recent history tells us that Brandon should have struck out on a pitch two feet outside with a horrible check swing, but this is clearly not the Brandon Inge that we’re used to seeing.

Trollface Inge

The Tigers bullpen has been anything from ‘meh’ to downright awful this season. They have already blown 7 games in which the Tigers were leading after 7 innings, or 7 more than all of last season. Most of the time, you would expect to blow 3-4 games over the course of a season. Seven in just 31 team games, however, is a frightening stat. Hopefully this, like the lack of offense, is something that goes away as the season progresses.