The Most Expensive At Bat: Magglio’s $18 Million Contract for 2010 Vests

On Tuesday night, Magglio Ordonez reached the minimum plate appearances a clause in his current contract required him to reach for his $18 million 2010 contract to vest.
During Magglio’s very expensive third at bat, the mesmerizing sounds of baseball were drowned out by an overwhelming amount of  “cha-ching”‘s.  Several arrests were made around the stadium of people trying to “pick off” Magglio hoping that he’d be unable to reach the “milestone” plate appearance.  One person was caught trying to throw their greasy, over-priced Little Caesar’s Pizza out onto the field.
Meanwhile, Mike Illitch was seen at a local Kroger emptying his piggybank into the Coinstar machine.
Magglio is hitting .357 since the All-Star break.

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