So You’re Telling Me There Is A Chance! Tigers Postseason Possibilities

The Tigers one game winning streak was D-Rayled tonight. 50 games to go in the season and we trail in the AL Central standings by 9 games. Things are looking bleak all around on this team. Right now we got no hitting, no pitching…AND OUR PITCHERS ARMS ARE FALLING OFF.

And the news just got worse…I was checking Brad Thomas stats because I sometimes hate myself and came across this alert from ESPN.

‘Thomas is day-to-day with a right ankle injury that he suffered after tripping on the dugout steps on Thursday, the Tigers’ official site reports. (Aug 7)”

Luckily if you had Brad Thomas on your fantasy team, Detroit4lyfe has now alerted you to proceed with caution with putting him in your lineup. But, he did pitch tonight going two scoreless despite a painful dugout steps injury…So, Detroit4lyfe definitely advises you to put another shrimp on the barbie and start the former Ham Fighter in all your cash fantasy leagues.

Do you want to hear the most annoying thing in the world? Yes? Here it is, Carlos Guillen is back to being our everyday second basemen. He recovered from his 52nd non contact injury of his career and will provide solid defense as long as the ball is hit directly at him and he is not required to cover a base.My best guess is he is back on the DL with a sprained cankle by August 24th. To make room  for Guillen, Will Rhymes was demoted to the studio where he will be doing a summer anthem produced by Mo Ager.

Speaking of selling dead birds to blind kids, that Cabrera trade is still looking extremely decent. Things have gotten exponentially more difficult for Cabrera with the feared combo of Raburn and Peralta providing protection. Boesch reached full blown melt down mode about a week ago, but with Jeff Frazier and Donnyreah the two replacements the Tigers are just pretty much Don Kelly’d in this situation.

I haven’t given up on this season simply because what else am I going to do at 7 PM every night. We need both the Twins and W. Sox to take a serious 2009 Tigers like dive to have a chance. Since the break the Tigers are playing .230 (6-20) ball. I feel confident we can maintain this pace for the last 50 games. We just really need our Central rivals to start playing .110 ball and we might have a chance. When that happens…I promise Mary Swanson’s to all of the Detroit4lyfe readers.