Seeing Two in the Tigers Double Dip Sweep Has Never Been Sweeter


That’s Jim Leyland’s double-header stunt double.  So there were two games on Friday, two wins, and two Jim Leyland’s?  The irony of all these twos is that if the Tigers would have scored a combined two runs in these two games, I’m sure Jim Leyland would need that guy on the left to fill in for him and coach for the rest of the season; I’m certain Leyland would smoke his final cigarette and pull the trigger. There’s only so much a man can take and his team scoring less than two runs on a consistent basis is not one of them.

That wasn’t the case on Friday night as the Tigers scored nine total runs in two games, won them both, and now have a two game lead in the Central Division race again over the Chicago White Sox.  It was a beautiful day of twos when, lately, that’s the very number that has been so daunting for the Tigers as they couldn’t see a number two or greater on the scoreboard to save their lives.

Maybe two Jim Leylands is all the Tigers needed to change their fortunes.  Here’s to Jim Leyland’s double showing up for the rest of the season.

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