Rod Allen displays general silliness — drink.



If you’re a Tigers fan and you watch the broadcasts on Fox Sports Detroit, you know Rod Allen, the best color commentator in the biz.  You also probably know about his Rodisms and the Rod Allen drinking game.  Basically, if he says something that he’s prone to saying every game, you have to drink a certain amount per the rules of the game.

General silliness is basically when you can’t quantify exactly what Rod is doing or saying, but you just know it’s Rod being Rod and it’s silly.  Tonight we experienced one of those instances.  However, it happened when Rod was not supposed to be on the air, or I don’t think.  Before the game started, as the Indians took the field for the top of the first, FSD appeared to go for a quick commercial break, but the camera kept rolling and Rod’s microphone was left on.

He and Mario asked a couple incoherent questions and then all of a sudden the telestrator was turned on.  Rod immediately began to draw aimless squiggly lines across the screen while saying something along the lines of, “There she is, yeah, there she is,” which I’m guessing means, “Yes, it works.”

He used the telestrator in the 5th inning tonight to point out Kid Rick Porcello’s snazzy haircut, probably the first time I remember it ever being used this season.

I’m glad Rod had fun with it, but for those of you who abide by the rules of the game, drink up.  And drink up a lot.

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