No Splitting Hairs on the Tigers Splitting the Doubleheader, But There Are Mohawks


As soon as the Tiges won 2-0 in the day game of the day-night doubleheader, the day became an automatic success.  It’s tough to sweep a double-header in baseball, let alone do it against the defending world champs, so the Tigers already entered the realm of satisfactory and a win in the night game would merely be a nice bonus for the day.

Therefore, I’m not going to sit here and dwell on that somewhat meltdown in game two.  The Tigers ran into a stud pitcher, Phil Hughes, and although they wasted a great outing from Jeremy Bonderman, winning was a tall task given the circumstances.  They’ll just have to take the series later today when Justin Verlander squares up against CC Sabathia.

Instead, for now, let’s talk about the hairs the Tigers cut off before the game thanks to barbers Zumaya and Coke (see above).  A few more photos after the jump.


Alex Avila looks very uncomfortable with his new do.


Ryan Perry (and you can kind of see Coke in there between Jay-Z and Damon, who also has a mohawk)


A better view of Coke’s and Zumaya’s mohawks (and holy shit, Cabrera makes Eminem look like a midget) click to enlarge


A bunch of mohawked freaks…



Looks extra miz with a hat on.


If you’re looking for more info on the mohawks, you can read the Detroit News.  If you want game info, here’s’s game wrap.


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