Miguel Cabrera hits walk off home run vs. Royals

5-5 going into the bottom of the 9th inning of a weird game and Miguel Cabrera's leading off? Yeah, we all knew who was gonna call this sucker… 

Listen to your friend Billy Zane: 


Not weird at all. 

You can watch it here.

Miguel Cabrera continues to amaze [inadequate verb]. He's living, swinging art work on a nightly basis. The best hitter I have ever had the honor of watching. Factual opinion. Some Dads will go to their grave claiming the Mick, or Babe, or Ted are the greatest hitters everrrr, but it's going to be Miggy for me. Present day Tigers fans, we are truly privileged.

After the game, Cabrera said in broken English that the fans pay to see something special. Well, gee, thanks, Mr. Cabrera for obliging, but as Mario Impemba protested as you smoothly circled the bases: "we're not worthy!" 


Speaking of which… here's Dan Dickerson's amazing call with Jim Price creaming on the side: 

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