Miguel Cabrera was playing with a torn groin

We knew Miguel Cabrera was badly hurt as evidenced by the fact the Triple-Crown winner hit a non-Miggy-like .274/.391/.720 over the last month of the season. He's believed to have re-injured whatever groin injury he had on a slide into second base against the A's on August 29.

Now we know what exactly he was dealing with: 

Strain means tear. He was playing with a torn groin (not a sports hernia, as I thought it may have been). I've pulled my groin before, and it can be extremely painful and debilitating. For everybody blaming Leyland for not resting Cabrera more in August and September, doctors supposedly said that rest wouldn't have helped much and Cabrera refused to be shut down. Be wrong about something else.

Here's to hoping Cabrera has a speedy recovery and comes back healthy and hitting like the beast he normally is. 

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