Kevin Youkilis’ Tweets are almost as soft as his mound charge

Someone needs to call the whambulance.  Kevin Youkilis — who charged the mound on Tuesday night, threw his helmet at Rick Porcello like a woman throwing her purse at a mugger, got dropped, and then quickly disappeared into the clubhouse — was tweeting after the bench clearing affair and they are pretty soft, to say the least.

Take a peek at just a few of them before Youk gets so frustrated that he has to go before he gets weally angwry.



In case you were wondering what made him say “tell me how it feels to be hit with a 90mph fast ball,” Youk was responding to “tell me how it feels being bet up by a boy who could be your son.”  Good come back, tough guy.

Also, don’t forget that Youkilis had a shot to charge the mound on Monday when he knew he was hit intentionally by Edwin Jackson, but didn’t.  Instead he decided to pick on the skinny 20-year old rookie, and got served.

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of the NESN announcers: “It seems like Youkilis is always in the middle of something.”   It’s no coincidence, sir.

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