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Justin Verlander would like Kate Upton to teach him how to throw a circle change

Matthew Stafford dodged a question about her, because he’s in love with his girlfriend, but we’re never going to be bashful about our flove [faux love] for Ms. Kate Upton around these parts, because Nancy Reagan once said something about women, tea bags, water, and durability.

Anyway, I just found out the other day that Kate Upton is a huge Michigan fan, which was a nice lead-in to her being on the cover of the SI swimsuit edition, and Valentine’s Day.

As if Upton in a bikini wasn’t enough, she happens to be in the latest MLB 2k12 promo for the game in which Justin Verlander is a ninja riding a cheetah. Upton, no relation to BJ (ok, stop that!) or Justin, is teaching Verlander and the guys how to throw a video game circle-change.

Yes, it’s as hot as it sounds:

[via JV]

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