Justin Verlander ‘in a great spot’ with Kate Upton, Karl Ravech makes it weird

ESPN's Karl Ravech shamefully asked Justin Verlander about his relationship status with Kate Upton, throwing Tim Kurkjian under the bus in the process [via Freep].

“I lose credibility if I don’t ask you about Kate Upton,” Ravech said to Verlander on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight” special in Lakeland, where the Tigers conducted their first full-squad workout today, “because I told Tim (Kurkjian) I would, because he’s curious, so what’s the latest there?”

Verlander’s response: “I’ve always been pretty private about my private life. … It is hard to be private, especially with her, but, you know, I’m in a great spot and just looking to get ready for the season.”

“Everybody out there agrees, you’re in a great spot. In so many different ways,” Ravech responded as Verlander laughed.

Ravech, you perv.


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