Justin Verlander and Victor Martinez Should Race Their Cars

Spring Training is finally here, and that means one thing: meaningless fluff pieces from countless beat writers looking for anything to fill their quotas. Thankfully, Tom Gage came up with something worth reading (or looking at, to say the least).

Tigers n00b Victor Martinez turned heads when he showed up in a pimp-white Rolls Royce Ghost.

Victor Martinez Rolls Royce

Not to be outdone, Justin Verlander rolled up in a red Ferrari 458 Italia.

Justin Verlander Ferrari

So who’s car is better? Check after the jump for the comparison.

Martinez Verlander Advantage
Price $245,000 $220,000 Martinez
0-60 4.7 seconds 3.4 seconds Verlander
Top Speed Unknown 202 mph Probably
Holy shit,
a Rolls Royce!
Holy shit,
a Ferrari! 

Now my methods aren’t 100% accurate, but I have to give the edge to Verlander. While Ferrari makes more expensive models, a Ferrari is a Ferrari. Martinez, on the other hand, looks like a cheapass for not ponying up for the Phantom. That, and the Ghost was never on Top Gear.

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