Jim Leyland May or May Not Comply With Michigan’s New No-Smoking Laws at Comerica Park


When Zach Miner gives up a bomb or a hitter fails to bring home a runner from third with less than two outs, Jim Leyland will no longer be able to turn to his one true stress reliever.  With Michigan’s new smoking laws, Jim Leyland will not be able to smoke at Comerica Park — or in the tunnels where he has been rumored to smoke during games in the past.


“Is it banned all over? Leyland asked.

When told that Comerica Park certainly would qualify as a public place, Leyland admitted it might create a dilemma.

“Really … then I’ve got a problem,” he laughed. “Houston, we’ve got a problem.”

Leyland did say he would comply with the law.

“I’m not saying that I won’t cheat once in awhile,” he said. “I’m not going to lie.”

Maybe Nate Robertson can bring back ‘gum time’ in the nicotine variety.


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