Is Jim Leyland trying to be a normal, boring ol’ skipper?


A little less than a week ago, I dropped the bomb on you all that Jim Leyland may have trouble smokin’ his ‘boro’s at Comerica Park because of Michigan’s new anti-smoking laws that will come into play May 1.  Leyland scoffed at the law, but said he’d try to abide, and may break it occasionally, too.

Well, now Leyland’s just getting all soft on us:

“I’m not swearing this year. I use my seatbelt all the time and I’m not swearing,” Leyland said Friday, needing to correct himself only once.

“And everything is on the record this year, too. If I swear, it’s on the record. But if I don’t want to talk about something, I just won’t answer the question.”

Why no swearing?

“Because I swore a lot — and it doesn’t sound good. So, I’m making a conscious effort not to swear that much.”

No swearing and wearing your seatbelt?  What’s next – losing the ‘stache? Switching from Bubbalicious to sugarless Trident?  Letting Rick Porcello bat cleanup?

Leyland’s sort of a legend amongst Major League managers because of his candid interviews, during which he’s often eating; being one of the only managers to wear cleats in the dugout, and smoking a pack in the tunnel during the games.  If he’s repenting from smoking and the cussing, what’s left is a pretty normal manager without the Pinella pot belly.  That’s weak, fucking shit.

Jimmy, never change, baby.  Never change.  Here, I’ll help you break your own rule the easy way: mentioning Jason Grilli.

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