Homeless Person Dancing For Cans At Turner Field

Tailgating is a blast – brewskies, music, grillin’ out, and homeless people volunteering to provide entertainment for your 10 cent cans.

A couple stories to tell. Two years ago in Detroit a homeless person approached our group wearing one shoe that was clearly not his – it was about half the size of his foot. He called himself Little Foot. Anyway, he offered to do a freestyle rap for our cans and we couldn’t possibly pass up on that. In his rap, one of his signature lines was, “Eminem wishes he could adopt me.”

Fast forward to this past Friday. We’re tailgating at Turner Field in Atlanta for the Tigers/Braves series opener. We’re drinking and listening to Eminem’s new CD in the lot just outside the stadium, during which we make friends with a homeless guy named ‘Bear.’ He’d come by every 10-15 minutes looking for cans and we’d happily give them to him. On his last trip through he broke into this little jig:

Yeahhhhh is right.

Bob Biscigliano

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