Here’s to A.J. Burnett Continuing to Suck Against Detroit


A.J. Burnett will take on the Detroit Tigers on Friday night against Luke French in the Tigers first visit to the new Yankee Stadium.

Normally, you’d think a pitcher of Burnett’s caliber, a fresh stadium, and a 51-37 New York Yankees would instill a little bit of fear into the Tigers and fans.  Don’t fret, however, because that should not the case.  A.J. Burnett, who is 8-4 and has a season ERA of 3.77, sports a career worst ERA of 8.03 versus the Detroit Tigers.  In just five career starts, Burnett is by far the worst against the Tigers than any other team in the Major Leagues.  His second worst ERA comes against the Indians at 6.69 in six career starts. It’s a fairly small sample size, but when your ERA is over eight through five starts, it’s definitely worth mentioning.

Meanwhile, Lucas French for the Tigers will pitch his first career outing against the Yankees.  He has a 1.93 ERA through 14 innings and is 1-0 in the big leagues.

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