Fox Sports Detroit Just Couldn’t Resist Olsen Twins Reference


No, Garrett Olson was not one of the cute baby girls flip-flopped every episode in “Full House.”  He has no relation to the actual Olsen twins because, as you can see, the Olsen twins have an ‘e’ in their name and not an ‘o.’  That being said, you can’t possibly believe that FSN Detroit overlooked the correlation. Color commentator, Rod Allen twisted it around to say that G. Olson must have a twin on the team in reference to the fact that Olson sometimes starts (and gets shelled) and sometimes comes out of the pen (and does well).  Is this to say that one Olsen twin is better than the other?

Well, either way, maybe FSN Detroit’s pun worked, because just like the Olsen twins’ careers, Garrett Olson’s night ended early.  Except he didn’t perform well at all, as he lasted just 1.1 innings after giving up a “hit parade,” and 7 runs.  In the end, Detroit walked away with a 9-7 victory.

Should I end by mentioning that I was a big “Full House” fan?  Nah…..

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