Driving Along, Driving Along & the Fire Alarm Goes Off

fire alarm

Tigers lost for the second night in a row due to an inning implosion from its pitching staff.  After striking for 10 runs in the 7th inning last night, the Yankees abused the Tigers again for 7 in the 4th inning tonight and then hung on late, 8-6.

Fittingly, shortly after the blow up inning, a fire alarm went off in one of the concession stands at Comerica Park triggering the entire stadium’s alarm system that had many fans heading to the exits. Some people say it was actually Nick Swisher, who had two home runs tonight (he’s been en fuego this season thus far).

After all the ranting and raving I did about the Tigers pitching/bullpen being awesome, they’ve really let me down in the last couple days.  Hopefully they turn it around in time for Friday’s series with the Indians.

Now, only one thing can possibly help showcase just how pathetic the Tigers pitching was in those two innings this series against the Yankees.  Maybe this classic  (and hilarious) downspiral clip reminds you of these two innings, too?  Well if you don’t get it then maybe I can help you with the correlation.  Imagine my best Chris Farley impression narrating the following:

The Tigers were just driving along, and driving along, doing just fine (all of a sudden fans are screaming from the backseat, “I wanna score some runs, daddy, I wanna score some runs.” Josh Anderson and Miguel Cabrera getting out both nights with the bases loaded, “Not now Damnit!”) and then walks and hits, “I can’t stop!!” Ahhhh. Help! There’s Brandon Lyon!  OMG We’re burning alive!! (flash to the flames on Joel Zumaya’s forearm)  Here come’s the skipper, left, right, left, right, and Jim Leyland gets to the mound and says, “OHH MY GAWD, give me the ball.”   New guys, Perry and Rapada are in the corner of the dugout puking their guts out. BLAGH BLAGH BLAGH All because you want to start nibbling the strike zone and leaving the ball up. Heh, to me…

Person listening to this crap: get out. NOW.

Me: Will you hype this story first?

Reader: Now!

Me: Ok.

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