Brandon Inge to Play 2nd Base; Shenanigans Will Ensue

In a span of just over four weeks — starting with Victor Martinez’s season-ending injury — the Tigers’ offseason news has gone from non-existent to complete shenanigans. Upon his arrival in Lakeland today, Jim Leyland let slip that Brandon Inge will be competing for the supposedly open 2nd base job. The fanbase has mixed opinions on this matter, from slightly upbeat to… somewhat pessimistic.

My opinion? As the title suggests, I think we’re in store for some real shenanigans this spring. How much shenanigans? Let me count the ways…

  • While this is a big vote of confidence for Miguel Cabrera at 3rd base, keep in mind that Inge has never played 2nd base during his entire professional career. Like, ever.
  • Incumbents Ryan Raburn and Ramon Santiago might not be great, but they both hit much, much better than Inge did last season. Oh, and they’ve played 2nd base before.
  • Did I mention that Inge has never played 2nd base before? Hell, sign Dontrelle Willis too. At least he can hit a little.

[Jason Beck]