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It’s time to Binge Vote for Brandon Inge over the next few days (until Thursday at 4 PM).  Brandon Inge is in the Final Vote for the All-Star Game, so he needs your votes so he can earn himself the final spot on the American League All-Star team’s roster.  Currently he ranks second to Texas’ Ian Kinsler.   I’m a big Kinsler fan, but a bigger Inge fan, naturally.  I don’t think there is any question that Brandon Inge’s play has warranted a spot on this year’s All-Star squad.

Inge is having a tremendous year, thanks in large part due to a diligent off season regimen that included some tweaking of the swing, and, of course, he benefits from being penciled into the lineup on a daily basis now at third base.  At the half way point of the season, Inge is hitting .266 with 19 dingers and 54 RBIs.  Inge also flashes the leather on a daily basis, making plays that most people only dream of, all in addition to possessing one of the better arms in all of baseball.

Inge’s biggest competition in the Final Vote is Ian Kinsler, a 2B from the Texas Rangers.  Kinsler has 20 HRs and 53 RBIs in 80 games this season, but sports just a .253 BA.  The big difference between Kinsler and Inge’s stats are probably Kinsler’s 16 stolen bases.  Adam Lind of Toronto has the most impressive stats of all the Final Vote nominees, but the fact he plays in Toronto (small market and Canada) and is a DH, he’s not feeling any love.

Inge is the right guy for the spot for more than just his numbers, stellar defense, great personality, and because he’s a Detroit Tiger.  With the tendancy for All-Star games to go extras and teams worried about pitchers being over used when the All-Star break is still supposed to serve as somewhat of a break for even those involved in the game, Brandon Inge could technically pitch for the American League.  I know he has not pitched in his professional career (which is surprising since he’s played nearly every single other position), but Inge was a closer in college and still has the type of arm that could be used should the AL exhaust all of its pitching options.  It might sound crazy and far fetched, but it’s an entertaining thought.  How could you not want a guy of Inge’s versatility in the All-Star game?  Don’t forget he also happens to be on pace to hit close to 40 HR and over 100 RBIs.  By voting Inge into the All-Star game, fans might just get a chance at witnessing history.

Fans will also get a chance to experience Detroit4lyfe history by voting Inge into the All-Star game.  Here’s the innaugeral Detroit4lyfe special treat: If you vote Brandon Inge into the All-Star game, I’ll give a free Detroit Tigers key chain to any readers who email me with their address (by Sunday) after Inge has been voted in.  It’s not a new Mercedes or a night on the town with Bobby B, but it’s a cool prize nonetheless.  Do it.

Drink a lot of beer this week, eat a lot, and vote a lot for Brandon Inge.  Seriously, do it.

(Little Disclaimer:  This post has the same “pun” as a piece on Bless You Boys.  I thought of the idea yesterday when I had no internet access, thus had no way of knowing someone else came up with the idea, too.  I started writing it early this morning before being interrupted.  When I re-accessed the internet this evening, I saw BYB had a Binge Vote for Brandon Inge post up, too.  It’s a pretty easy pun and the way I see it is we’re all in on this together to help vote Inge into the All-Star game.  Due to the fact I went to a college with an honor code and had already completed more than half of this post before seeing BYB’s I will still post it, but I feel it’s also right to provide a link to the site that had the first “Binge Vote” pun. Multiple links, in fact.)

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