Austin Jackson Gets Shafted, Loses Rookie of the Year Award to Non-Rookie

Either baseball writers are getting drunker than this mofo, or I’m missing something. Tigers rookie sensation Austin Jackson finished 2nd in the Rookie of the Year balloting to RP Neftali Feliz of the Texas Rangers. Not only did Feliz play in less than half as many games as Jackson (and usually for only an inning), he also pitched 31 innings in 2009. Umm, shouldn’t these guys have seen something like this when they tried to submit that vote?


Many baseball fans expected Jackson to win the Rookie of the Year award easily. He played 151 games for the Tigers, finishing with a .293 average, 181 hits, 103 runs scored, 41 RBI and 27 stolen bases. While Feliz had a good year (he tallied 40 saves in 70 appearances), the fact that he wasn’t actually a rookie kinda makes me wonder what exactly is going on in the MLB executive offices.

[Bless You Boys]