Armando Galarraga Goes After Alex Avila And Gerald Laird In Dugout (video)


Earlier this year, Armando Galarraga had his one shining moment when he acted with the utmost class in being completely robbed of a perfect game.

On Sunday afternoon, he had his ‘The Shining’ moment when he completely lost his cool with the Mendoza brothers, Alex Avila and Gerald Laird.

After a harmless and scoreless first inning (he gave up a meaningless two-out hit to hot hitting Paul Konerko before getting the third out), Galarraga was seen heatedly confronting Alex Avila about something. Avila leaned his head back and kept relatively quiet, which seemed to only make Galarraga more mad. In the dugout, Gerald Laird got in the middle of it because when there’s a fight, Laird’s involved. If it weren’t for Johnny Damon and Lloyd McClendon holding him back, Galarraga probably would have killed Laird; he had that crazy look in his eye. He did swing, but merely knocked Laird’s cap off.

After the game, Leyland said the two got their signals crossed, but Avila said it wasn’t just about the pitches.

I’d guess it’s a catcher finally pushing a pitcher over the edge. Galarraga most likely said something about Avila’s nepotistic daddy, Laird’s groping grandpa, and then, when he started huffing and puffing, it blew the whole thing up.

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