1984 Detroit Tigers World Series Ring on Sale for $5,000


Via the Detroit News:

How much would you pay for a piece of the Tigers’ 1984 World Series championship?

Would you pay $5,000?

That’s the asking price on eBay for the World Series ring of former Tigers’ infielder Doug Baker.  As of Wednesday night, there were no bids on the ring, but the auction ends on Friday — so there’s time.


And to think I just spent way more on an engagement ring in the past year.  Don’t tell my fiance, but I think we know what would have taken precedence had this opportunity rolled around, say, 11 months ago (just kidding, honey).  But seriously.

I guess feverishly checking all the couch cushions in the city will have to do.

[Detroit News]

H/T to friend, and hopeful reader, Joe M’s Facebook status.

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