How great was Rick Porcello’s 0-strikeout, 0-walk complete game shutout?

When Joe Posnanski calls it miraculous, you read: As mentioned, these zero-walk, zero-strikeout shutouts — let’s call them Porcellos to make it simple — these Porcellos used to be rare but they did happen. If you go back to 1969 — that expansion year championship series in each league — there have been nine Porcelllos […]

Video: 1984 Detroit Tigers World Series celebration in 2014

It has been 30 years since the Tigers last won a World Series #RoarOf84. There was a celebration on Monday before the Tigers took on the Oakland A’s. What better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Tigers’ last World Series than with a World Series, though, right? Eat ‘em up in ’14.

Ian Kinsler waves at Rangers dugout after homering

Before the season, Ian Kinsler made a hilarious wish that his old team, the Texas Rangers, “lose their ass” and go 0-162 this season. He also called their GM a sleaze ball. In his first game back in Texas with his new team, the Detroit Tigers, Kinsler homered in his first at bat. On his […]

Adrian Beltre collects 2500th hit, head rub

Beltre’s 2,500th career hit was met with a standing ovation from his fans and a head rub from the always-playful Miguel Cabrera. Beltre, never pleased with anyone touching his head, immediately collected hit no. 2,501 on Cabrera’s nuts. Beltre tried to hit Cabrera in the groin a month ago in a game in Detroit after Cabrera, […]

Max Scherzer throws orgasmic complete game

In his 179th career start, Max Scherzer twirled his first complete game — a shutout of the Chicago White Sox on Thursday night, 4-0. Scherzer struck out eight and only gave up three hits while also walking three. On his 104th pitch of the game, Scherzer hit 95 mph. After the game, with Scherzer chee$ing, […]

Victor Martinez dancing

Miguel Cabrera posted this video of Victor Martinez on his Facebook/YouTube pages without comment. The best description anyway is probably ‘No Description Available’.

On Tuesday night, V-Mart hit his 15th home run of the season, the same number of strikeouts he has this season. That’s something, if you didn’t know. Just like V-Mart’s dancing in the video, which he is known to do. Certainly something. All it needs is audio of V-Mart also saying, ‘she wasn’t ready!’

Detroit Tigers 2014 draft picks

Here’s a recap of whom the Tigers selected in the 2014 MLB amateur draft. 1st round, 23rd overall: Derek Hill, OF (R/R) – Elk Grove, HS, CA 2nd round, 63rd overall: Spencer Turnbull, RHP – Alabama (Scouting video) 3rd round, 99th overall: Grayson Greiner, C (R/R) – South Carolina (Scouting video) 4th round, 130th […]

Big Papi gives Alex Avila concussion, concussion test

David Ortiz’s back swing got Alex Avila in the head, because Alex Avila. Avila was visibly shaken up from the blow to the head, causing trainer Kevin Rand and skipper Brad Ausmus to rush to his aid. Behind Rand’s real training, Big Papi administered his own stupid concussion test [via The Score]: Avila did not […]

Justin Verlander at his worst since 2008

Yes, it’s the worst we’ve seen out of JV in 8 years, and it’s admittedly concerning. Despite showing that he can still pump it in the upper 90s, his velocity is down overall. His strikeouts are down. His walks are up (perhaps from trying to pick his spots more knowing his velocity is down). He’s […]