Zetterberg Pulls a Forsberg, Wings Win In Shootout

All of a sudden, the Wings seem like they might not be so bad at this shootout thing. Henrik Zetterberg was the 4th shooter of the night, but he buried his opportunity with an ode to fellow countryman Peter Forsberg with this move.

And here’s proof that I know what I’m talking about (complete with crazy Swedish announcer guys).

The Wings are currently 3rd in the Central Division, but have the fourth-best record in the Western Conference and have games in hand on both Chicago and Vancouver (so realistically, they’re tied for 2nd in the West). This is all in spite of the fact that they have played five more games on the road than at home. Take home point: the Wings are doing just fine. Their next game is against the Chicago Blackhawks on Saturday at 12:30, right after all the good cartoons get over.