Wings lose in shootout to Penguins (video)

Wings put up a good fight against the defending Stanley Cup champs, but as has been the story for way too many games this season, the Wings came up short in a shootout.

Working like dogs for 65 minutes of action affected the Wings during the shootout.  Pavel Datsyuk, who usually puts on a show during shootouts, started things off for the Red Wings and missed after attempting what would have been considered a fairly weak move for a player of normal skill.

After Crosby put the Pens up 1-0 (in the shootout, as he did in regulation) after lifting a backhander into the water bottle, Jason Williams took a B-line straight for Fleury and flicked a wrister straight to him for an easy save.  1.) Why was Williams shooting?  2.) He may as well have gotten on his hands and knees at center ice and pushed it toward the net — the odds of making it would have been fairly similar.

Malkin then punked Wings goalie, Jimmy Howard with a nifty goal, slipping one behind his left skate for the shootout win.

Here’s the shootout in its entirety:

You feel for Howard who made 44 saves in regulation and then had to face two of the best skilled players in the NHL during a shootout, especially when his guys were too gassed to make good shots themselves.  However, it’s good experience because come playoff time (assuming the Wings make it) these types of games won’t end in shootouts.

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