Wings 9, BJs 1

Yes if you did not see the game and just did a double take after looking at the score, you may in fact be experiencing whip lash.  I apologize. While Wings fans are used to their team winning, they aren’t used to seeing them winning by that margin. In fact recent history has shown that the Wings are usually on the losing end of those scores. So it was a relief and a giddy feeling, yes I said giddy, when the Wings scored in the first 2 minutes. 

It was a fantastic effort overall.  For some reason all of the pieces seemed to click. I don’t know what it is about this team, but every time they’re faced with some sort of adversity, they respond.  First after the Filppula injury and now the game after Williams is injured, they answered the call.  The penalty kill was strong, they controlled the puck through the neutral zone, everyone not named Brett Lebda was responsible defensively, Jimmy Howard did not make me want to sacrifice a chicken.  Dare I say, it was a taste of Red Wings hockey??

As is my habit, below are my random thoughts about the game:

  • 1:05 into the game Danny Cleary scores. I know I was starting to get pissed and began to wonder what the hell was taking them so long.  We had to wait a whole minute and five seconds for some sort of gratification….Jesus.  Luckily Cleary was able to get is 101st goal and the wait was over. (yes that was dripping in sarcasm)
  • Unfortunately for the BJs the score wasn’t the only thing hurting them tonight. A Datsyuk shot did in fact hit Klesla in the head.  Yes the head.  Sure Dangle isn’t known for having a hard shot, but still….luckily it hit him in his helmet and he seemed ok, but scary non the less.  But it didn’t stop there.  Another player, took a shot to the mouth.  He was attempting to do his best interpretation of Homer and while standing in front of Detroit’s own Jimmmmah Howard, he took a shot from the point to the face.  It was awful and makes you appreciate all that Homer does day in and day out and really how talented he is.  While the BJ was down, the Wings players once again showed class both checking on him and Lebda going to get him a towel…I know I said something nice about Brett…
  • Shortly after Cleary’s goal, Datsyuk scores thanks to ANOTHER Columbus turnover.  I began to wonder if Babcock played some cruel joke and dressed Lebda in a blue sweater. (see all is right again, I’m bashing Lebda)
  • It was the perfect game for Wings fans. Not only did they score more than a college freshmen during welcome week, but Brad May also got in a fight.  Nice to see him step up for his teammates.  The consummate team player.
  • Now anyone who has read my posts before knows Jimmy Howard almost pisses me off as much as Bretty Lebda, so having to think this, let alone type this feels about as unnatural as not despising Crosby would…but here goes.  Jimmy Howard had a good game. He made a few big saves and his positioning seemed vastly improved.  In fact I wasn’t screaming at him to get the hell away from the blue line…so a good effort.  Too bad he didn’t get the shut out.
  • While still in the first period, Draper, with his best Homer impression, tips in the puck for his 3rd goal of the year and the Wings 3rd of the night.  Eaves and Helm were both a huge part of the goal with Eaves making the hit that lead to the turnover. 
  • At this point, Mason was pulled but did come back for the 2nd and 3rd periods…which seemed like an unnecessary kick to the balls.
  • The new line of Cleary, Zetterberg, and Leino looked really good.  Leino had one of his best games of the season and Cleary seems to be returning to form…Babcock and the team have adjusted well to the massive amount of long term injuries.  Meanwhile, Gary is sitting in his dungeon jacking off to the Wings list of LTIRs.
  • Kronwall had another fantastic game scoring on the PP to have the first period end at 4-0. 
  • The Wings and their fans have had a hard time looking up at other teams in the standings.  Infact the BJs are first in the division.  So it was nice the Wings could give them a little public spanking…. at home….and bring them back down to earth a bit.
  • We’re entering the holiday season, so in the spirit of goodwill, I’ll say another, yes that is now two, nice comment about Lebda.  He actually won a battle against the boards against Nash.  hmmmm it really was the complete game.

And the rest went something like this:

  • Columbus scores 4-1
  • Bertuzzi some how scores which seemed to confuse the BJs and the officials as much as us. He started celebrating before anyone else and at first I was concerned he had his own Patrick Roy statue of Liberty moment…5-1
  • Soon after, in order not to let Berts head and faux hawk/mullet get any larger, Zetterberg makes a nice pass to Leino who then has a nice skate to stick move and a beautiful top shelf goal.  Perfect play and relief that Bertuzzi’s head will fit on the plane…6-1
  • Kronwall gets his second goal…sorry he stopped there no free Arby’s (and a side note, since when did they get so cheap that they took away the free roast beef sandwich and all you get now are curly fries?? they didn’t even have to pay up last year.) Anyway 7-1.
  • Abdelkader scores 8-1
  • Abdekader scores 9-1. Yes he is now at 3 goals for the season and had two in a row tonight.  The last goal he essentially created the opportunity on his own.  He brought the puck out of the Wings zone, through the neutral zone, has a nice give and go with May and scores….I had to refrain from singing the Michigan State Fight Song…yes I am a nerd.

Overall, a great team effort and win by the Wings…Now they need to refocus and get ready for Vancouver tomorrow…especially since it is Steve Yzerman night….hopefully they can honor him better than they did in Toronto…