Wings 3, Canucks 1

Sure it wasn’t a 9-1 victory but it was a win.  And you can almost say that they beat two opponents.  The Canuck’s as well as Gary’s minions.  For some reasons the Wings started off pretty sluggish.  I was a little worried that they were tired from repeatedly scoring last night….that’s what she said.

But after they had a rough first period where they were badly out played, they seemed to improve After that.  FINALLY a win to commemorate Stevie Y night at the Joe. 

Below are my random thoughts about the game:

  • Larry Murphy was full of the drunk giggles and jokes tonight.  You know what I mean. When you’ve had a few too many to drink, all your opinions start coming out, and farting is the funniest thing. Ever.  So in a drunk haze, Murph eloquently criticizes the Canuck’s jersey while also suggesting the Wings hypothetical third jersey have the Little Ceasers logo.  Mickey and Daniels very nearly bust a nut over that one.
  • Anywho, as I said the Wings started off a bit sluggish.  Well I guess I should exclude Brad May as he once again got into a fight.  Luckily he fared a bit better than last game.
  • Babcock showing a little faith in Miller with some power play time.  He had a pretty good game, especially considering he had never practiced let alone played with the Wings before.
  • Despite the Wings being both out shot and out played they were leading after the first. Zetterberg made a beautiful pass to Detroit’s leading scorer for a top shelf goal.  Damn. Homer is rejuvenated this season.  He must have sold his soul, or maybe Hudler’s, to the devil.
  • While it pains me and for some reason causes a nervous tick, I have to admit Jimmy Howard had a good game. If you’re keeping count that is is two in a row now.  I’m waiting for him to start convulsing and shorting out halfway through next game forcing the refs to discover a robot in the place of Howard. Soon after a police investigation will find Jimmy locked away in Lebda’s basement…a separate hell all it’s own.  There will be an investigation, but as is only natural all blame will be placed on Brett….sorry everyone has a role on the team.
  • At the beginning of the second period we learned that Abdelkader is a big Rascal Flats fan….who knew?  More suprising, Ken Daniels seemed to have quite a bit of Flat’s trivia including but not limited to many song titles.  I was waiting for Murph to break into a rendition of “My Wish.”
  • Kessler has a breakaway and hits the goal post.  I guess the saying is true, “Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.”
  • After Abdelkader takes a stupid high sticking penalty the Canuck’s score and tie up the game…needless to say not a strong PK that time.
  • Now the worst call of the game is easily the Stuart high stick.  The refs were awful all game but this call made me want to scream the classic “Ref get off your knees you’re blowing the game.”  Stuart gets called for a high stick but in actuality, Sammy’s stick his own teammate in the face.  How the hell do you screw that up.  Either way, Cleary’s jaw wept in empathy.
  • Soon after that cluster, Kronwall gets called for a hooking penalty. If that was a hooking penalty than Sidney Crosby is not a whinny bitch….horrible call.
  • But luckily the Wings had a much better PK.
  • I am pretty sure Pavel Datsyuk will bring a smile to Detroit fans at least once a game.
  • Eaves was playing physical all game. Another great night for him.  Just try to ignore the fact that he looks like Tom Hanks talking to a volleyball.
  • Bertuzzi has mastered hitting the post, the crossbar, and now the jersey logo.  Congratulations
  • The Wings had 5 minor penalties in the 2nd period.  Yeah it was one of those games
  • During the second period intermission Babcock said the Wings need to get pissed off. They must have because it was the best period they played this game.
  • The future captain had the game winner tonight after a fantastic pass from Stuart.  Great backhand shot, top shelf. 
  • Not only did Jimmy get another win, but he also got an assist.  He passed to Kronwall who scored an open net goal after banking the puck off the boards.  Best part was Kronwall’s reaction to the goal, a shrug and laugh.

During the first period you could really tell the Wings had played the night before.  But again, despite Ozzie and Maltby being out with the flu, they pulled together for a grind it out win.  Ahhh but I forgot, the Wings are on the decline……a rough stretch and they’re done….when is that kind of article going to come out about the Penguins…they lost 5 of the last 6 games.  Oh that’s right, Gary will force you to watch video tapes of his public appearances while blasting Chaka Khan if you dare speak poorly of the Pens…