Red Wings’ Jan Mursak Skates With Extra Stick Stuck In Jersey

File this under, “bizarre things I’ve never seen before at a hockey game,” hashtag #sticktail.

During Detroit’s 3-1 victory over the Calgary Flames on Tuesday night, Red Wings’ left wing Jan Mursak added an appendage after fighting for a puck in the corner. What happened was a Flames player’s stick got caught in Mursak’s jersey and Mursak wound up skating almost two full lengths of the ice with an Easton tail.

You don’t just wanna see this, you gotta: 

Technically, this could’ve cost Mursak and the Red Wings two minutes (and Mursak a couple hundy) per the NHL rules

A player who participates in the play, who checks or who intentionally prevents the movement of an opponent, or who intentionally plays the puck while carrying two sticks (including while taking a replacement stick to his goalkeeper) shall incur a minor penalty under this rule but the automatic fine of two hundred dollars ($200) shall not be imposed. If his participation causes a foul resulting in a penalty, the Referee shall report the incident to the Commissioner for disciplinary action.

Unintentionally acquiring another’s hockey stick in your sweater is not covered in the rules.

Hockey tail? Wuddya mean, like a story?

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