Red Wings Lose Game 1 to Nashville Predators; Shea Weber Needs to Be Suspended

The Red Wings lost a closely fought Game 1 of their first round series to the Nashville Predators tonight, 3-2. However, this isn’t what fans will be talking about for the next couple days. With just seconds remaining, Shea Weber did his best Jeremy Roenick impression and slammed Henrik Zetterberg’s head into the glass multiple times. Our good buddy @WorldofIsaac has all the footage you’ll need of this ugly incident.

Shea Weber d-bag

Shea Weber d-bag

Last season, I would have fully expected to see Weber suit up for Game 2. However, with Brendan Shanahan throwing out suspensions like Halloween candy at times this season, I think we’ll see Weber miss a game or two.

As for the game itself, it could have gone either way. Two of Nashville’s three goals were on freak bounces, with the third coming as a result of a collossal lapse in responsibility from the Wings defensively. Nashville dominated the faceoff circle late in the game though (the name Paul Gaustad will haunt my dreams), and the Wings weren’t able to mount enough of an attack to tie the game in the final seconds.