Red Wings Fined $2,500 For Breaking San Jose Airport Curfew


After the Wings demolished the Coyotes on Tuesday they hopped on a plane to San Jose for the start of their best of 7 series with the #1 ranked Sharks.  The flight landed at 12:19 AM Shark time, which supposedly had airport traffic control workers waiting up with their arms crossed wondering why the hell the Wings’ plane was rolling in 49 minutes past curfew.   Apparently, planes are not allowed to arrive between the times of 11:30 PM and 6:30 AM in San Jose, unless the late arrival is due to bad weather, mechanical problems or air traffic control — all conditions outside the pilot’s control.

What about Mike Babcock giving his death stare to the pilot because he wants his team to arrive the night before their only practice day – you know, because San Jose had the awesome foresight of scheduling an Eagles concert for Friday and Saturday at their NHL team’s arena forcing the series to start earlier than expected?  Does that fall under the exceptions?


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