Nicklas Lidstrom Misses First Game In 213 Games After Airing Of NHL 36

NBC Sports featured Detroit Red Wings defenseman and captain Nicklas Lidstrom on “NHL 36” tonight before the Red Wings laid down to the Montreal Canadiens. It was every bit of awesome as Red Wings fans anticipated, following Lidstrom and the Wings around for 36 hours during one of their latest back-to-backs. 

The invasive cameras from two weeks ago must have passed the flu bug to Lidstrom because he had to miss tonight’s game after “NHL 36” aired, ending his 213-game streak. The last time Lidstrom missed a game was the 2008-2009 season finale to rest up for the playoffs. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the Red Wings gave up seven goals to the Habs tonight, which should make one thing pretty clear: Nicklas Lidstrom can never retire. Someone put him in a bubble between games until his children are old enough to lace them up for the Wings.

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