Mike Modano Doesn’t Wanna Be Bad With The Wings

Mike Modano, one of the most prolific, American-born scorers in NHL history, on and off the ice, will be announced as a Detroit Red Wing today. Some stupid Red Wings fans didn’t want Modano to sign with his native team because he’s old — not old like the pepperidge farm guy, but old like you might want to take him behind the shed. Frankly, the Red Wings have been the best at getting the most out of outdated players and Modano will only want his career to go out with a bang in his hometown — sometimes will to win takes over for what the body can or can’t give you.

Besides, with Modano signing with the Wings it gives us a chance to see his wife, Willa Ford, around town. Remember her? Her music video “I Wanna Be Bad” was the high time of every 25-year-old’s phase through puberty. And look, somebody’s already taken the liberty of tat, tat, tatting up her happy place with a Red Wings logo. This alone makes the Modano signing worth it. Thanks, Ken Holland.




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