Mickey Called it a Circus….

I call that 3-1 loss Gary’s personal porno….it was awful.

The Wings started off like a team that had not played for 3 days. Jimmy Howard however played pretty well and did his best to keep them in the game. However, luckily for the Stars Gary and his evil minions had the ability and the opportunity to make sure Howard’s efforts were pointless.

Not only did they call a series of pathetic penalties, they once again called off a clear goal. Watch here:

Watch it again and again. This is exactly what is wrong with the National Hockey League.  Exactly the kind of incompetence that is inhibiting them from growing the game. The kind of call that makes non fans or casual fans both turned off and confused.  This is the reason many hard core, die hard fans only watch their respective teams.  Let’s just say the NHL’s dictator is fortunate that many people love their teams enough that they will vomit and yet still continue to sit through the rest of teams season why being forced to watch third parties affect the outcome of a game.

It’s November, if the Wings lose, no problem.  Bitch, analyze, brush it off.  It’s the routine of a fan.  But when the outcome of a game is determine by incompetent third parties, both refs and apparently the jackasses in Toronto, well then there is a serious problem.  A serious ethical issue.  If any of us performed at our respective jobs the same way Watson or LaRue do, well we wouldn’t have to worry about waking up early tomorrow morning.

The intent to blow bull shit of last years playoffs was infuriating. But they could explain it away.  This time, neither one of their scenarios holds.  Let’s take a look at Gary and his bitch babies options shall we:

1.  Intent to blow.  This goal was not a situation where many players were banging around for the puck in the crease causing the ref to lose sight and intend to blow his whistle.  Instead it was a nice wrist shot by Brad May comfortably outside the crease that snuck by the goalie not named Turco on the near post.  The puck was in the back of the net for a good three seconds before they blew the whistle.  That would mean the ref intended to blow the play dead while the puck was on May’s stick.  You would think that with their desire to increase scoring they would not look to eliminate legitimate scoring opportunities. Oh wait that would be logical….nevermind.

2.  The whistle blew before the puck was in the net.  Bull.  I call bull.  Anyone not on Gary’s payroll could clearly hear when the whistle blew and it was well after May scored.

I’m not saying that had that goal counted that the Wings would have won. But I am saying it would have put them right back in the game and by taking that away it gave all the momentum to the Stars.  At some point, I hope someone, fans, media, whoever, but someone the owners and league will listen to stands up and says Bull shit.