I Will NOT Shave My Playoff Beard

The Wings may have lost 2-1 last night to the Ducks but I believe they will head into game 7 strong with some extra fire in their belly after the skirmish that concluded game 6. Also, the pretty goal by Franzen late making it a 2-1 game may provide a confidence boost for the high powered Wings offense that didn’t show up Tuesday until late in the 3rd and seemed to be just a hair off on every pass. So maybe now in game 7 they will come out and put up one of their better offensive performances and make Jonas Hiller look like Goldberg (Goldberg at the tail end of his career of course, when he was beat out by a girl, totally unrealistic by the way but that is neither here nor there).

But after the Wings lost last night, I took a look in the mirror and said “By golly, I sure am handsome with a beard“.  Now that the Wings are going to a game 7, I am hoping and praying that they win (not just because I want them to) but because I don’t want to shave this beautiful beard. Nor do I want this guy, or this guy, or this guy, to shave their extravagent beards. So hopefully the beard is here to stay. But now if i were like Sydney Crosby and only had a few pubes on my face to go along with a dirty sanchez mustache then I wouldn’t mind shaving it off and would actually prefer to. But of course I am nothing like Crosby (except for the hockey skills…I hold two records in midget hockey out of Birmingham–1. most penalty minutes…just cuz I didn’t know how to stop so I used the opponent to do so and 2. the only guy to ever take off his skate and try to stab somebody).

So Thursday night will be extra important, not only because it is a do or die game for the Wings, but also because it is a do or die game for my rugged good looks.

Check out SI.com here for some other great hockey playoff beards.

Go Wings!