Chris Chelios May Be Granted His “Favor” Regarding DUI


Chris Chelios may get out of his December 28 driving under the influence charge because, according to a Chicago judge, the police lacked probable cause in arresting the former Red Wing.

After viewing a 15-minute police videotape, DuPage County Judge Cary Pierce ruled that police lacked probable cause to arrest Chelios, 48.

“The case is over,” defense attorney Terry Ekl told the Sun-Times. “This video is as clear cut as possible that he was not impaired by alcohol.”  Chelios was pulled over about 4 a.m. as he returned to his parents’ home, where he is living while he plays for the Chicago Wolves of the American Hockey League.

Au contraire, your honor.  The video and the facts of the case most definitely prove probable cause.  Speeding at 4 A.M., swerving, slurred speech, failing the one-leg stand test, admitting to drinking “a couple” adult beverages (which is what every drunk driver says), and the dead give away to me, Chelios “begging for a favor.”  All those facts, and the reasonable knowledge of the police officer (and any other officer who helped in the decision) is more than enough to show probable cause for an arrest of a DUI in Chicago.   I know this because I actually researched the law under Proper Arrests in the Illinois Practice Series, Section 3:58.

So, I’m sorry kids, this Judge clearly doesn’t know the law that good.  Chelios, regardless of how I feel about him for all his time with the Wings, deserves the DUI and I urge this Judge to take my advice into cooperation.


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