A Few Morons Climb on Catwalk of Joe Louis Arena During Red Wings/LA Kings Game; Wings Lose


Either three fans wanted to say they walked the catwalk at Joe Louis before the Wings move on to a new arena (which will be soon), or they had a premonition that the Wings are not going to make the playoffs this year and felt a little like flirting with death:

Three fans somehow found their way into a restricted area on the fifth floor of the arena.  Two of them were captured on the catwalk and escorted to safety.  Another climbed up onto a conduit one level higher, then seemed to panic a bit.  It took a while to bring him down.

The fans in Section 124, directly below the three fans, were ushered back to their seats midway through the third period.

And I’m not sure who’s dumber — the idiot that got too scared to come down without assistance or the Kings announcer who said, “If he falls, that’s too many men on the ice for Detroit.”

Helene Elliot for the LA Times said this was the first she’s ever seen a game delayed because someone got up into a restricted area of the arena.  No word on whether these three fans were arrested, but I imagine they’ll face similar repercussions as streakers.

Anyway, once this little mess was cleared up, the Kings re-focused and scored two goals to win 3-2.  The Wings now trail the Kings by three points and find themselves currently on the outside looking in of the playoff picture.  Not a very timely loss.

Another pic and video below:


[quote via Detroit News]

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