Will Chris Wilcox “Let His Hair Down” in Detroit?


The best news about the Pistons agreeing to a 2-year deal, worth roughly $6 million with power forward slash center, Chris Wilcox is that it means Detroit will no longer be pursuing Glen “Big Baby” Davis and Drew Gooden (Scott Pollard’s African American brother).  That’s not all, though.

What most basketball people don’t realize is that Joe Dumars may have just found himself another under the radar player that will make him look like a sheer genius, Lloyd.

Wilcox is an athletic, and young, big man who can bang and straight up play.  A few years ago he averaged nearly 14 points per game and just under 8 rebounds per game.  Astute observers might point out his less than stellar 08-09 campaign, however look at the teams he has been playing on.  He has journeyed from the Clippers-to the Sonics, Thunder, and Knicks; all mediocre-to-terrible squads.  Hopefully, with a fresh start in Detroit, Wilcox will return to his 14/8-esque form, if not better.

Usually, “let your hair down” means to relax and do what you want.  Now that Wilcox is on a pretty talented basketball team, perhaps he can “let his hair down” and play like he’s capable of.  After all, he’ll be entering his prime and alongside some pretty quality players for once.

I remember, what now seems like a long time ago, Detroit brought in a no-name guy and he let his hair turn into the catch phrase “fear the ‘fro.”  Maybe, just maybe, Wilcox will let his braids go and turn himself into the “fear the ‘fro” type player Joe Dumars acquired years ago.  If you don’t remember correctly, that player (Ben Wallace) was pretty insignificant at the time, too.

Time will only tell just how significant this signing is for the Pistons.


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