Show Some Heart, People!

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First, before we get this thing started, I’d like to say about 50 words. This blog has been slacking in the past few days.  Chip and I are studying for exams, John Mapplethorpe is making sure his pool is leaf-less while he cures cancer, and Dupree is busy pretending his blackberry is the only computer he’ll ever need.  These are not legitimate excuses for the lack of posts and we apologize.  We owe you, readers.

The aforementioned sort of goes hand in hand with what I want to discuss with you tonight.  A story about showing heart.

As you all know, the Pistons are playing the Cleveland Cavs tonight in Game Three of the First Round of the 2009 NBA Playoffs.  As you all know, the Pistons have bent over and taken two swift pumps into the ass and trail the series 2-0.  As you all know, there was no lube applied.  As you all know, the next two games will be played at the Palace of Auburn Thrills.

What you don’t know, is the Pistons are playing their first home game of the series and the Pistons fans are not showing any heart, whatsoever.  Apparently, this game is not only NOT sold out, thus the Palace will be full of empty seats; but also it’s possible the ones that are filled will be by those despicable Cavaliers fans.

Why is this so?

No, not because they travel well like Red Wings fans. It is because the Palace ticket people e-mailed Cleveland Cavs fans asking if they wanted tickets to the game at the Palace of Auburn Hills. No, not the Q, but the Palace of Auburn Hills.

This is so wrong on so many levels. This is like that commercial where the guys wearing the rival shirts are helping each other out.  That’s a great commercial because it’s funny and it would never happen in real life.  In real life, rivals put kick me signs on each other’s backs.  Rivals put banana peels down on the road so entire families go flying off the cliffRivals lawnmower over your fresh flowers. Rivals push rivals into on-coming traffic while walking on the sidewalk.  Rivals DON’T offer tickets to rivals to attend said rivals home games.  By doing so, they are possibly taking any pinch of home court advantage Detroit may have had away.

Instead, these Pistons employees should be tricking the Cavs into thinking the games are still played at the Silverdome and hope they go there and have to forfeit the real game. If the Cavs are going to sweep the Pistons I’d rather them sweep us to the chorus of boos and debris, as opposed to hollers and whiffing noises as Cavs fans whip their effing brooms around in the air.

So as you can see, I’m visibly upset by this news.  And I’m not sure any Cavs fans as a result of that email are actually going to be able to attend the game tonight, but it’s a matter of principle.  We are going through some tough times in the economy and it’s evident.  In fact, I just saw a lawyer asking a bum for change the other day.  Times are tough, but they are not so tough that we have to go sending e-mails to Cleveland Cavs fans, desperately asking them if they’re interested in available seats.  If Cavs fans want to find tickets their own way, then let them.  They don’t need any encouragement from our own organization or entertainment plaza.

All in all, this is just another case of someone needing to show some pride and heart.  Pistons players and fans aren’t the only ones.  It’s apparently their ticket sales people, too.  Well, I hope those people put up wack facebook statuses and get fired, because they don’t belong in the Pistons organization.

I don’t care how you do it, rip open your chest with a scalpel for all I care, but show some heart people!

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