Ron Artest is always in the mood to fight


Ron Artest took part in a rather entertaining interview with Sporting News that was published in part today on their website.  In the interview he speaks frankly about his past, present, and future.

What’s creating the most buzz around the interwebz is his confession to drinking Hennessy in the locker room during halftime of games.

Yeah, Maurice Clarette liked to get his “Goose on” before practices and I like to drink beer mid-blog, so what?

What really piqued my interest were his comments about the Malice at the Palace and current feelings toward Ben Wallace, five years after the fight.

“It wasn’t my fault. … I don’t see anything I could have done different. The only thing I could have done was have God pause time so I could have said, ‘Oh, look, you’re about to run in some stands, so stop.

I see Ben, I’m on my guard now. I’m always in the mood to fight him. … I’ll get suspended 10 games, 15 games (because) I’ll just fight him right there. It won’t go into the stands.”

He could have had Zack Morris call a time out, but would that really have made him think harder about what he was about to do?  Him lying on that table was asking for it and when he got some $8 beer tossed on him, he couldn’t control himself and ran into the crowd.  Sounds like it was at least, say, 66% his fault.

And he’s ALWAYS in the mood to fight Ben Wallace?!  It’s been five years and he’s already made nice with the beer tosser.  He talks about how he was immature in the past and he’s really straightened himself out, but it’s quotes like “I’ll get suspended 10 games, 15 games because I’ll just fight him right there” that make him out to still be a humungous head case who let’s his dogs poop in the house because he gets the carpets replaced once a month.

Wallace was asked about these comments before tonight’s game in Chicago:

“Y’all know who that is?” Wallace said. “I’m not worried about that stuff. He’s just talkin’.”

Asked whether he was worried, Wallace just shook his head.

Yeah, I’m not the only one who thinks he’s a wack job.

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