Pistons Lose; Fight with Blazers

The Pistons fell behind by 18 points early and despite a fierce 2nd half comeback that allowed them to take the lead, they were not able to hold off the Blazers on Saturday night.  With less than 25 seconds remaining the Pistons missed three three-pointers to potentially tie the game and in the end fell by four to the equally depleted Blazers’.

The real TV entertainment drama of the game came near the end of the 3rd quarter when Rudy Fernandez drove to the hoop and Charlie Villanueva wrapped him up and lightly tossed him.  Fernandez is coming off a back injury, so naturally, the Blazers immediately went to defend him.  Juwan Howard was the first on the scene and shoved Charlie Villanueva.  CV responded by trying to choke Howard out, but the two players were separated before it got ‘Malice at the Palace 2’-out-of-hand.  Both were T’d up, but neither was ejected.  I’m sure each will receive a fine and/or suspension from the NBA.

Here’s a pic of CV putting his hand on Howard’s neck and Howard with his hands on CV:


[via Blazers Edge]

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