Pistons Lose After Puke-Inducing 1st Quarter


Ok, so that’s not Pistons play-by-play legend, George Blaha, puking into a gum wrapper, but it is him spitting out his bubblicious after calling that appalling first quarter. 

The Pistons allowed 40 points in the first quarter, even after receiving 15 lashings from John Kuester for the last time they allowed 40+ in a quarter less than three freaking days ago.  You’d think the young fellars would learn their lesson.

Orlando shot a Godly 74% in the first quarter, so you have to give them some credit.  You can’t shoot with that high of percentage in a video game on the rookie level.

Detroit managed to outscore the Magic 80-70 the rest of the game, merely tickling the genitals of their fans.  Charlie Villanueva led the teasing charge with 22 points in the fourth quarter.

If I see another 40+ point quarter out of this defense, I’m calling Kuester to up the lashings to 30 and throw in a hang out session with JJ Redick.  I can hear the Pistons now.

“No! Please no!”

And oh yeah, Van Gundy should probably tell his daughter to dress up a little more:


Seriously, whoever you are, put those away.


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