NBA rumors: Greg Monroe reportedly taking Pistons qualifying offer

From Detroit Bad Boys, via USA Today, Greg Monroe is reportedly ready to take the Pistons’ 1-year, $5.5 million qualifying offer to remain with the team for the 2014-2015 season and then become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2015.

Monroe took to Twitter to deny ever receiving reported long-term offers from the Pistons. It’s hard to believe there wasn’t some offer in the neighborhood of what was being reported, perhaps something more enticing than the qualifying offer, but that’s only for the Pistons and Monroe to know.

Either way, the Pistons are still holding out hope that this is a bluff and just another negotiating tactic by Monroe and his agent David Falk to try to raise the stakes a little bit before making a final decision.

Monroe has until Oct. 1 to accept the qualifying offer.

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