Jonas Jerebko is a lot like Dolph Lundgren


Who is the most underrated actor of all time?

Dolph Lundgren.

Who is the most underrated rookie in the NBA?

Jonas Jerebko.

Relation? Uh, they kind of look alike and they both kick serious ass.

Jonas Jerebko scored 17 second half points tonight to help lead the Pistons to their third straight victory, while sending Philly to their 11th straight loss (hahahaha).

Jerebko is averaging nearly 14 points and 8 rebounds over his last six games, which would make him better than Tayshaun’s ever been for the Pistons.  And Jerebko is just a rookie, who was a late 2nd round draft pick no less.

J.J. works so hard, I heard he ran 10 miles after the game tonight, before starting a 300-style workout as a way to unwind for the night.   His meals consist of beer and hockey pucks.  He once turned down Tiger Woods’ wife because he was busy doing pull ups.  And he was also suspended in kindergarten because he told his teacher, “I must break you” when she tried to tell him it was nap time.

Jonas Jerebko does not nap.  Jonas Jerebko is the boss.


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