Joe Dumars Has Lost His Mind: Pistons Re-sign Tayshaun Prince to Obscenely Long and Stupid Contract

Let me preface this entire post with this statement: I love Joe Dumars, the player. I love Joe Dumars, the GM that created the “Going to Work” Pistons that won the 2004 NBA championship.

Joe Dumars

This Joe Dumars is gone. Now, Pistons fans are stuck with the Joe Dumars who can’t let go of those same 2004 Pistons, save for the only one with some game left (no offense, Big Ben). Earlier today, the Pistons agreed to a 4-year contract with forward Tayshaun Prince. Joe Dumars thinks that he is getting this Tayshaun Prince.

This Tayshaun Prince is gone. Now, Pistons fans are stuck with the Tayshaun Prince who can’t guard the bevy of small forwards that are running roughshod over the Eastern Conference… for four years.

Also gone is high-flying shooting guard Terrico White. The Pistons cut White loose today after he missed his entire rookie season with a broken foot. Like Arron Afflalo, I fully expect this to blow up in the Pistons’ face in 2-3 years. If you don’t, watch this video and then tell me otherwise.

If you’re into silver linings and the such, the Pistons also re-signed Jonas Jerebko to a 4-year contract worth $16 million. Considering the fact that Darko (yes, that Darko) is being paid $1 million more per season by the Timberwolves, this is a steal. Too bad he will never see the floor sitting behind Prince.

I miss the lockout.