Give the Pistons Some Time

The Pistons lost yet another game last night to the Chicago Bulls 92-85, putting them at an abysmal 6-12 start to the season, good for bottom of the cellar in the Central Division. Something seems to be missing with this team; the chemistry isn’t quite there to put a string of consecutive wins together. (C’mon Big Ben, I thought that’s what we brought you in for).

This season definitely isn’t something that Pistons fans are used to: losing. We have been pretty spoiled the last decade or so; that is has been our right for Detroit to be in the Conference Finals.

But let’s not go calling for John Kuester’s head just yet. There’s a few things we need to keep in mind as this season progresses. The Pistons have played virtually the entire season without  Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince. And as far as the big name free agents brought in (Chuck Villenueva and Ben Gordon), there needs to be an adjustment period for them to get a feel for eachother and their new teammates. Plus, the Pistons are relying heavily on rookies DaJaun Summers, Austin Daye and Jonas Jerebko for significant minutes.

Although the games can be tough to watch sometimes, I do think that Joe D has put the right pieces in place for the official “rebuild” of the Pistons. Rodney Stuckey is on pace to be an absolute stud in this league, we actually have a rookie class for the first time in recent memory,  there was good, young, talented free agent aquisitions in the offseason, all atop of our skilled veterans in Rip and Tayshaun to hold it all together.

This isn’t going to be your older brother’s Pistons team who played a slow, half-court, grind-it-out style of basketball. The new ‘Stones are fast, long and athletic, who will play a much higher tempo of basketball. Just give them some time, they will eventually put it all together.

And besides, things could be worse…Atleast they aren’t the Nets.