Charlie Villanueva Shoots Free Throws With Maxi Pad in His Nostril


What happens when your face slams into a body made of steel?
It bleeds profusely.
Charlie Villanueva drove the lane and was fouled by Hawks, Zach Pachulia, causing CV to come crashing down into the hip of the physical specimen, Ben Wallace.  CV31 immediately crumpled to the floor holding his nose and gushing blood. Trainer, Mike Abdenour, brought out a huge Pistons gatorade towel that was completely covered in red by the time Villanueva got to his feet and walked to the Pistons bench.
After the timeout, a dazed Villanueva came onto the floor with a huge wad of gauze shoved into his left nostril and knocked down two free throws like it ain’t no thang.   He immediately was replaced by Jason Maxiell and went to the locker room for further reparations to his schnoz.
It looked like his nose was puffy, he had a cut on the bridge, and his eye was swollen.  I’d be surprised if his nose wasn’t broken, resulting in yet another Pistons player possibly missing time.  When CV31 does come back, we could see him in a Rip-like face mask becoming the first NBA player with alopecia to wear a mask.
Hawks tried to make it interesting despite the Pistons having a 12 point lead in the fourth quarter.  In the end, Detroit walked away with a six point victory.  Charlie Villanueva had 13 points and 6 rebounds off the bench.
UPDATE: Charlie’s nose is indeed broken.  It will be set on Monday and his availability for Wednesday’s game in Chicago will be evalutated then. 

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